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There's something about old world erotic literature and prints that is particularly stimulating. Perhaps it's the strange mix of crudity and sensuality, bawdinesss and innocence, or the awareness that often it was created under threat of imprisonment.

Framed and unframed erotic prints - Schall, eighteenth century. Scarlet Library: A Weekend Visit, anonymous, illustrated by Tim Major. Portfolios: Six Works on Paper, Monica Guevara. The illustrated book of... Orgies, Lizzie Speller.

In any case it works for me. That's why I was delighted to discover the Erotic Print Society

website. Browsing through their offerings of classic and contemporary erotic literature is a worthwhile and arousing journey. Here is a brief preview.

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The Scarlet Library collection

Fanny Hill, an erotic literature classic.

The Way of a Man With a Maid, erotic literature set in the Edwardian era.

Letters From a Friend in Paris, illustrated erotic literature.

Fanny Hill, Volume One
The Way of a Man With a Maid
Letters From a Friend in Paris

This collection includes erotic literature from various periods, ancient and recent. Each book is beautifully illustrated by a different and specially commissioned artist.

Two of the more intriguing titles are The Way of a Man With a Maid, and Letters From a Friend In Paris illustrated by Tim Major and Michael Faraday, respectively.

The Way Of A Man With A Maid is about an Edwardian club man who plans revenge on his former lover. Letters from a Friend In Paris involves a family with a guilty secret. The authors of both stories remain anonymous.

The Scarlet Library version of Fanny Hill (Volume 1), the classic erotic novel by John Cleland, is brilliantly illustrated by Eric von Götha.

The Illustrated Book of...
The Illustrated Book of Phalluses. The Illustrated Book of Oral Sex. The Illustrated Book of Sex Gadgets.
Illustrated Book of Phalluses  
Illustrated Book of Oral Sex 
Illustrated Book of Sex Gadgets

Breasts, bottoms, phalluses, orgies and oral sex are just a few of the subjects covered in the Illustrated Book of... series. Each book is superbly illustrated with erotic drawings or photographs.

Illustrated Erotic Books
The Troubles of Janice, erotic literature with illustrations. Sabina, illustrated erotic literature. Eros and Thanatos, erotic literature with illustrations.
The Troubles of Janice   
Eros and Thanatos

From bawdy tales of passion and lust to exquisite collections of erotic drawings and paintings by some of the world's finest erotic artists, this collection of Illustrated Erotic Books covers the complete spectrum of erotica.

Some titles in the collection also fall into the Erotic Comic Books category. These include The Troubles of Janice by Eric von Götha and Sabina by Lynn Paula Russell.

The Troubles of Janice is the tale of a young prisoner who is debauched by a depraved British aristocrat. (Cad!). Sabina describes the sexual adventures of a famous model and high class call girl.

Other titles overlap into the Erotic Art Book collection. One fine example is Eros and Thanatos by Klaus Bottger, a monograph of a brilliant erotic artist with stories by two acclaimed authors.

Erotic Art Books
The Devil's Whisper, erotic art book. Fireside Orgies, erotic art book. Secret Art, erotic art book.
   The Devil's Whisper 
Fireside Orgies
Secret Art

This is yet another highly collectible series - sets of rare and superb erotic prints bound together into Erotic Art Books.

Just a few of the books available include Devil's Whisper by Mario Tauzin, a rare set of erotic 1930s prints with text containing lesbianism, group sex and... whoring; Fireside Orgies by Tom Sargent, the first anthology of Sargent's commissioned work; and Secret Art by Tom Poulton, an exploration of Poulton's artistic world.

Art of Love Books
The Kama Sutra, art of love book. Sex Play, art of love book. Sex Perfect, art of love book.

  The Kama Sutra 

Sex Play
Sex Perfect

Don't you think Art of Love Books should be more than helpful aids to better sex? Shouldn't they also be exquisite works of erotic art? I agree and these are.

These wonderfully erotic guides to the art of love include The Kama Sutra by Lynn Paula Russell, Monica Guevara and Tom Sargent. But this Karma Sutra is a bit more radical than the ancient sex manual. It shows sex the way it really is.

Sex Play and Sex Perfect are both written by Dr David Delvin and illustrated by Lynn Paula Russell and Monica Guevara. These erotic guides show the boundless pleasure that advanced love-making techniques (Sex Play) and simple sexual intercourse (Sex Perfect) can bring.

If you share my passion for the very best in erotic literature I'm sure you'll agree that the Erotic Print Society is a real 'find'.

Robin Wild

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